About Weaving

In this procedure, for the objective of wrapping, first the process of running wrap (chelleh-davani) is fulfilled in an open space i.e. the wraps are rolled around the bars stationed on the ground at required intervals along a particular direction and then after performing necessary computations, the prepared wrap while crossing from the top-loom is transferred to the carpet loom.

This procedure is employed differently in various regions however, the most common methods are Markazi, Kermani, and a combination of these two procedures.In the Markazi method, after stationing the wraps on the loom, excess wraps for the objective of down-drawing on the top-loom and as separate bundles are knotted together. In Kermani method, these excess wraps are sewed to the top loom, rolled around the top-loom shaft and as weaving progresses, the woven section is rolled around a shaft stationed underneath and the wraps are opened from above and around the top-loom and drawn towards the bottom. In the combined method, the wraps are prepared in the form of wrap running (Chelleh-davani) however, to station the wraps on the loom, the rotary procedure is employed.